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If you generally hate WordPress page builders, check out LiveCanvas: the only page builder that outputs super clean, Bootstrap 5 - flavoured HTML5 code, which you can always edit and refine via a built-in live code editor.

Build faster webpages that achieve better SEO results.

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Engineered for

The LiveCanvas plugin can run upon any Bootstrap 5-based WordPress Theme, but to reach top performance results and ultimate customization, we recommend using picostrap5, our ultra-lightweight Bootstrap 5-based starter theme.

This is our recipe to quickly build successful web pages that effectively deliver your message and load blazingly fast.

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I will no longer say that "it is impossible to get a 90+ rating on Google Page Speed insights."

Jack Cao - Head of Product Education at Rank Math SEO

Blogger | Copywriter | YouTuber

Video introduction

The power of code

LiveCanvas is a page builder aimed specifically at those who want to build great websites without getting too far from the HTML code, but reducing fatigue. Watch the video to grab the basics of our philosophy. 
Code made simple.

WooCommerce Panel builder

WooCommerce Templating

Now with full WooCommerce support.
Building a great-looking e-commerce site just got so much easier, while keeping control of markup and minimizing bloat. 

Control Dynamic Templates

You can use LiveCanvas on your entire WordPress site, to craft both individual pages and dynamic templates as well, including custom post types.

Enjoy fine-grain control on your site, with edge-to-edge precision.

Readymade Templates


Start from Readymades

LiveCanvas comes with a built-in collection of readymade pages, sections and blocks, that you can use as starters: solid, fully responsive, battle-tested on a number of different devices, coded in clean, SEO-friendly  HTML5 code that leverages Bootstrap 5 at it's best.

These flexible elements, thanks to the built in SASS support,  dynamically adapt to your design system, helping you to achieve a coherent visual language, with a central point of control.

Design in your hands

The visual code editor to build
websites that rock

In LiveCanvas you can hand re-edit all the generated HTML code with an Advanced editor.
Start from our readymade elements or create your own. Edit, extend, customize.
You have total, edge-to-edge control of your page.

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WordPress Coding
WordPress Coding
Code editor in wordpress

Now with Bootstrap 5!

Technologies you can trust

LiveCanvas allows you to use standard Web languages like HTML, CSS/ SASS and JS in your designs, with no vendor lock-in, helping you to become a better web designer - not a "plugin piler".

bootstrap 5 editor



Hear the words of our customers

We are trusted by over
Join them now and grow your business.

Kemal Esensoy

Kemal Esensoy

Web Designer @, Germany.

"I thought oxygen builder would be the best choice to swap with custom theme development. Man I was wrong! The work you guys put in the product worth much more than that lifetime license price"

Tim Bowerbank

Tim Bowerbank

App Developer at Pendigital Limited UK

"LiveCanvas has made me explore WordPress again... 

I left WordPress a few years back for static site generators, looking for performance and accessibility enhancements."

André Wunsch

André Wunsch

Web Designer, Berlin - Germany.

"Before I worked with LiveCanvas, I tried various PageBuilders. There were also some good ones, but I thought they were always a bit inflexible and a bit overloaded... "


Gail Kingswell Trueman

Gail Kingswell Trueman

Digital Marketing and Web Design Consultant at 1LG Digital GB

" was a redesign of an old html site that did not rank in the first 100 SERP listings for the term chelsea electricians. They started to climb up the SERPS almost immediately - hovering around page 3 - 4 for a week or so. They now rank at #9 on page 1."

Michael Weckerlin

Michael Weckerlin 

SEO Consultant at Mister Seo

"I just relaunched my website with Livecanvas and I am overwhelmed by the results regarding performance. As a SEO consultant it is important for me and my clients to implement websites with great core web vitals results. Before the relaunch my website was running based on the the DIVI theme...

I was trying to optimize the performance for years but never got better results than Pagespeed 50. Now the website reaches PageSpeed 100 (desktop) and 90 (mobile). CLS is 0. That is terrific."

Joe Rebis

CEO at EPhost, Inc.

"It's been a noticeable performance improvement over Divi. We have been able to achieve Lighthouse scores of 96 on mobile & 100 on desktop Google Page Speed Insights.

The site also uses Sucuri firewall, an ADA/WCAG compliance tool, dynamic, SSL banner, and live chat."
web developer

Andrea Ferrentino

Project Manager/Design Manager at

"Very very good update, Dynamic Building Will be a real game changer for this builder."

Chris Tucker

Owner at Digital Beacon

"Super cool. Loving the direction this is going"

Lee Kancher illustration

Lee Kancher

Web Developer at Right Brain Group LLC

"Best page builder on the market by far!

Give yourself the freedom of controlling your code and offering Page content control for your clients."

Daniel Prip Pedersen

Web Developer at

"First an amazing wp site builder. Finally a solution that doesn't suck and does not trash your site!
This is my first site using LiveCanvas, and i must say im blown away how "DRY" and intuitive everything is."

Ali Uzair Ashraf

Web Developer at marketfront

"We've been working on LiveCanvas for a few months now and we are more than happy with the clean code and superior speed results.

I, personally, have issues using a lot of plugins for everything - going with the "less is more" mantra here."

Christian Froehlich

Frontend Developer - Wordpress Expert

You have the best plugin i bought since a long time. Your Plugin and Theme is absolutely underrated.

Thank you so much!

André Wunsch Web designer

Before I worked with LiveCanvas, I tried various Page Builders. There were also some good ones, but I thought they were always a bit inflexible and a bit overloaded..."

André Wunsch
Web Designer, Berlin



An incredible tool for Web professionals.
A page builder, an HTML editor, freeing your creative soul.
If you love WordPress and Bootstrap 5, this is for you.

WooCommerce Dynamic Templating

Create Templates for Single Product, Product Category, Shop page, Cart, Checkout: fully customize your store.


Light Footprint

A complete, turnkey solution for web page building, yet feather-light. Zero bloat, no additional plugins required.

Top Performance

Build sites on a solid, minimalist foundation: WordPress and the Picostrap Theme. The LiveCanvas plugin adds no extra JS or CSS!

Get rid of handcuffs!

Most WordPress themes or page builders force you to reason strictly following their logic. You are here to enjoy a higher level of freedom. Coders invited!

100% Frontend based 

Click text and images to edit content. It will feel much better than fiddling in the backend to find out which hidden option panel changes that label.

WordPress Dynamic Templating

Fully administrate WordPress templates with fine-grain precision and edge-to-edge control.

Safety first: editing history

LiveCanvas makes good use of the standard WordPress revisions handling: you can always go back in the case you can mess up your work.

Use other plugins via shortcodes

Integrate any extra WordPress plugin in your LiveCanvas designs via shortcodes

Quick visual prototyping

Enabling an easy workflow to prototype and perfect wonderful mobile-ready web pages. 

Refine and edit HTML

"Steal" all the HTML and CSS code samples you can find on the Web, and give it a try inside LiveCanvas. You have no set boundaries.

Create your own blocks

Build your own local library of custom HTML snippets to reuse through your projects.

Build Your Header & Footer

If you want, you can design your header and footer inside LiveCanvas, and ditch the traditional WordPress widgets.

Add Animations via AOS

Easily add animations to any element of your pages with the AOS animation library, available as a built-in,  opt-in addon.

UnSplash Photo Stock

An unlimited, free source of high quality images at your fingertips. A great source of inspiration, all inside LiveCanvas

Export as static HTML

You can instantly export pages created with LiveCanvas to static, independent .html files.

Editor White Labeling

You can totally remove the editor branding if you wish, so your client won't know he's using LiveCanvas.



Choose your plan and get started today.
Use LiveCanvas for your own projects and client sites.

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save $20

$99 $79/ Year

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save $160

$299 $139/ Lifetime

  • Build Unlimited Websites
  • Lifetime Support & Updates 
  • HTML Templates LibraryDISCOVER
  • Dynamic Templating
  • WooCommerce TemplatingNEW
  • Personal Cloud LibraryUPCOMING

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied, return your plan within 30 days and you will receive a full refund.
Buy with confidence and try LiveCanvas without risk.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most popular FAQ

Can I use LiveCanvas to create websites for clients?

Absolutely yes! You can use LiveCanvas on websites you build for clients - and they do not need to buy their own license.

How does it work? Why is it so fast?

The idea behind LiveCanvas is to minimize bloat, saving plain HTML inside the post_content field. This results in zero customer lock-in, and in extreme speed. You won't need caching plugins to make your homepage load at blazing speeds.

Which themes can I run LiveCanvas on?

Basically on every Bootstrap 4/5-based theme - but we recommend using it with picostrap5 - a very clean open source foundation, which adds some spice while keeping bloat at zero. You can find a more detailed answer in this blog post.

Can I integrate LiveCanvas with extra plugins? 

Of course. You can place any shortcode inside LiveCanvas pages.

Does LiveCanvas add JS or CSS to my site?

Zero. Not at all. No extra CSS or JS file is added to your site. No inline style or script.
The main philosophy behind LiveCanvas is to help build extremely DRY sites.

Can LiveCanvas work with Gutenberg?

The LiveCanvas editor can be selectively enabled on pages / posts / custom post types - leaving the work to Gutenberg, or the Classic editor, where it's not enabled. 

Can I turn off the LiveCanvas plugin after building the site?

While most page builders lock you in their proprietary systems, LiveCanvas talks pure HTML - so the basic answer is YES, you  can do that -  But we feel it makes very little sense, as the LiveCanvas plugin does not slow your site in any way.

Can I export a page built with LiveCanvas outside WordPress?

Yes. An option allows to download the page content, surrounded by the standard Bootstrap template - the one recommended in the Bootstrap documentation - so if you're not using dynamic shortcodes or advanced features, you can export a simple landing page in one click, in a simple, independent HTML file.

Do you offer a Demo version?

We offer a full 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, so you can try LiveCanvas without risk.