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Which Themes should I use with LiveCanvas?

Many page builders can run out of the box on any given WordPress Theme. From a technical point of view, this is very easy to achieve – as simply the page builder plugin will typically load it’s CSS library ON TOP of your Theme’s CSS – another source of bloat, duplication, disorder, and poor performance. […]

How to setup LiveCanvas

You’ve just installed WordPress and you want to experience LiveCanvas at it’s best. Here’s the recommended path to get started in a minute. Step One: install the CustomStrap Theme First of all, download the CustomStrap theme. You can get the .zip archive from the Members area. Inside your WordPress administration panel, go to Appearance > […]

The LiveCanvas HTML structure

LiveCanvas builds  an HTML code structure based upon some simple rules – it mostly adheres to HTML best practices and Bootstrap 4 with a few additions. First of all, the web page has a single <main> element, where all the page content (minus header and footer) resides. Anatomy of a LiveCanvas page Here’s what the […]

Creating editable regions

Defining simple, plaintext regions You can delimitate editable areas, allowed to contain plain text only, adding the editable=”inline” attribute to any HTML tag. Some HTML examples: While the LiveCanvas editor is launched, clicking these elements will turn them into contenteditable items. You will be able to easily replace their content pasting text or writing. On […]