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Introducing picostrap, our new starter theme

We are actually at the third iteration of our theme, and it’s lighter and faster than ever! If you were used to CustomStrap, you’ll immediately feel at home with it. Why did we end up rewriting a theme for scratch? Well times have changed; time to drop jQuery and embrace vanilla JS. Time to drop […]

WordPress Page Builders PageSpeed Comparison 2020

WordPress Page Builders PageSpeed comparison How We beat the Bloat Blog November 4, 2020 Preface WordPress Page builders do not have a great reputation for generating fast webpages that achieve the lowest load times. In this experiment we’ll try to figure out whether this is still a myth or not – and see how our product […]

Developer interview: André Wunsch

André Wunsch is a really talented web designer from Berlin, Germany that works both  as a freelance and with agencies, to serve clients in Germany, Austria, Switzerland. He is a web designer, but also a web developer and SEO: so he knows how to build websites that are not only pleasing to the eye – […]