CustomStrap 2.3 is out



December 9, 2019

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A minor update for CustomStrap is here, bringing a couple fixes and a new opt-in feature: optional HTML single post sharing buttons. No bloat, optional, full HTML-based sharing buttons to share your single posts on Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram and Twitter. No JavaScript added. To enable these buttons, just tick the Enable Sharing Buttons checkbox in the Customizer ("Single Post & Archives" section).

On the enhancements side, CustomStrap is now referencing the wp-content folder in a dynamic way, so that it's built-in SCSS compiler can also work in environments like Roots.io's BedRock,  that rename the WordPress folders in a special way.

The last small fix regards the opt-in Lightbox feature, which is now better limited - and triggered only in the main content area, to prevent some quirks that would rarely happen when using custom image logos in the header.