CustomStrap 2.5: keeps your head cleaner



February 26, 2020

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This update brings a cleaner head, and some minor fixes. We are always hungry of performance optimizations, so your content can shine. This time we are removing the built-in WordPress  wp-embed.js file. Some reading shows clearly that this file in not worth a browser HTTP request. 

Another notable addition is fixing SVG logos - the Understrap CSS which does not seem to work properly  on some SVG logos.

Here is the complete list of the changes:

  • Added filters to remove wp-embed.js   
  • A Footer template file has been added: accepts now custom integration with LC or custom footer implementations, just define a customstrap_custom_footer() function
  • The SASS compiler now reads the original SASS file via wp_remote_get API instead of file_get_contents for broader compatibility
  • [BUGFIX] SVG logos where not showing up, a CSS row has been added to amend it
  • [ENHANCEMENT] When using a fixed top header, the scroll to section anchors is now tweaked via CSS - see here