Developer interview: André Wunsch

André Wunsch is a really talented web designer from Berlin, Germany that works both  as a freelance and with agencies, to serve clients in Germany, Austria, Switzerland.


He is a web designer, but also a web developer and SEO: so he knows how to build websites that are not only pleasing to the eye - but have clean code and good usability.

André's sites have not gone unnoticed, and even won some pretty important web design award like the 2017 Red Dot Award.

André  is one of the most proficient users of LiveCanvas from it's early beta days; some of the sites in our showcase have it's signature, eg - so it felt pretty natural to go and ask him some questions about his profession and his use of our tool.

So we're happy to introduce to our readers mr. André Wunsch! Let's get to know him a little better.

Hi André, welcome to the LiveCanvas blog! First did you get into Web design? Did you have a “click” moment where you understood this was your way – or was it a more “progressive” approach?

Hello LiveCanvas Team,
thank you very much for the opportunity to introduce me on your blog.

To the first question, I have already dealt with the topic of building websites at a young age. It took a few years until I was working as a webdesigner full-time. I worked in different jobs, but I only felt totally comfortable in the digital and creative field.

Which is the aspect you like the most of your profession? Which is the most enjoyable part for you?

I think every time it is a new challenge to build great websites. It never gets boring and you can fully live out your creativity, of course it always depends on the customer.

Which were the experiences / courses / learning moments that mostly have influenced you and helped your professional growth?

The daily challenges contribute to my growth. I offer every customer an individual and beautiful solution. We don’t want to create a "preset" website, because every customer has other ideas and expectations.

Which other page builder tools did you try using before LiveCanvas? Which of its peculiar features did you enjoy mostly  of LiveCanvas, convincing you to build some real sites with it, and giving it a go?

Before I worked with LiveCanvas, I tried various PageBuilders. There were also some good ones, but I thought they were always a bit inflexible and most PageBuilders were overloaded.

I personally like working with Bootstrap, so LiveCanvas was perfect for me!

I don’t know how many times I searched for possible tools for Bootstrap and WordPress *laughing out loud*. Thank you for creating LiveCanvas!

In LiveCanvas I think it’s great that you can work so freely and flexibly. At the previous projects there were no limits for me, what I imagined could be realized with LiveCanvas without any problems.

Another great point is that LiveCanvas is so slim and not overloaded. I love this tool!

Many people who work in the digital fields enjoy being free to work from different places and tend to travel a lot. Does this apply to you? Or are you more productive in your own “bat-cave“?

This is still a dream of mine, which I would like to fulfill someday.

Currently I only work in Berlin where I am very productive.
When I travel it’s pure recreation for me and I waste no more time with thoughts of work.

What do you like to do when you’re not working on a website?

When I’m not building websites, I grab my camera and look at the world from different perspectives.

When I need a real break, I grab my girlfriend, the backpacks and we start a backpacking tour.

Well, thank you so much for you time André,

and thanks for your kind words regarding our product - we put a lot of love into it and it's very rewarding for us to see talented, performance-conscious webmasters who love to use it!

To know more about André, or to get in touch with him, you can visit his portfolio site at