LiveCanvas is the only Page Builder Plugin for WordPress with an

Advanced HTML & CSS code editor

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Divide et Impera

While you can edit the whole page's <main> content, editing code parts is easier rather than dealing with all the document. Select a single section, row, column, or block and focus only on it's own code


Safe Editing

No risk of breaking your layout by leaving unclosed <div>s or similar errors: LiveCanvas will fix it for you. No fear of messing up things anything more than the part you're editing.


Code Indenting

In LiveCanvas everytime you open an HTML Editor, the code will show up nice and tidy, being automatically indented. 
Code folding and autocomplete will be the icing on the cake.


Drag to Resize

Drag the window bar to instantly resize it. Move your mouse out of the editor and it gets translucent so you can see what's happening underneath without fatigue.

Copy and reuse

Good artists copy,
great artists steal

LiveCanvas allows you to steal any kind of HTML / CSS / JS snippet from the Web, to reuse it in your designs. 
Enrich your creative palette setting no boundaries. 

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No Vendor lock-in

The only "source of truth" is the HTML code

LiveCanvas works storing plain HTML in the post_content. 
Your site still works disabling the plugin - and you can export it anytime.

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A smooth design experience

An incredibly lean and efficient workflow 

From prototyping to maintaining a successful web page.
Build a clean, SEO-friendly code following Bootstrap 5's best practices.

Visually build a structure

Use easy, visual tools to create a scaffold

Enrich it with your content

Insert your text, images, and videos

Rework the HTML code

Optionally, re-edit each element's HTML/CSS

"I’ve come along LiveCanvas when I was looking for page builder that would not create their own grid and CSS classes - but instead use what Bootstrap offers out of the box - which is a lot."

Dave Markus

Web Designer

No limits.
Build anything you
can imagine in HTML

A fantastic page builder plugin, in a lean,
 high performance, open source stack!

Save and reuse your own custom HTML code blocks

Save your own blocks and sections in a local library 
so you can reuse them anytime with ease.

Site performance rocks using LiveCanvas 

Deliver more efficiently your message to your audience via high performance web pages