How does LiveCanvas work? Why is it so fast?

LiveCanvas saves plain HTML inside the post_content field.

This results in zero customer lock-in, and in extreme speed when the page is served.

LiveCanvas will help you build clean and lean  Bootstrap  - based markup.

As a WordPress theme,  our own picostrap theme is heavily recommended for best results.

Picostrap, simply said, is the best way to experience Bootstrap and WordPress together: it allows you use WordPress Customizer to create your very own, fully  customized version of Bootstrap - set your own project colors, typography, styles...and generates a single minified CSS file.

It also removes loads of built in bloat from WordPress - and has an easy way to add SASS if you want to your CSS workflow.

Visit the picostrap theme's website to know more about it.

It's free and open source, and it was born forking the UnderStrap theme and melting it with CustomStrap, our former theme. Stripping out a LOT and  trying to keep things as DRY as possible. And some more decent starter templates.
It's the reliable theme choice for your top performance WordPress-based stack.