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LiveCanvas FAQ

Will we migrate to Bootstrap 5?

At LiveCanvas, we  really love Bootstrap; so we cannot ignore any new wonderful release of this Project. V5 immediately caught our attention.

We have been experimenting with  it, from the alpha versions, to the latest b1, to see how things work with picostrap & LiveCanvas.

Things look great – we have a fully functional picostrap5 theme as well – but still – this is just an “internal playground”. There is still quite a bit of homework to do.

To be honest, as the Bootstrap team stated, from Bootstrap 4.x to Bootstrap 5 there are not mind-blowing, paradigm-shifting changes.

No incredible new components, no new CSS silver bullets – like we had from v3 to v4 with utility classes, flex columns.

Most people will just notice the built-in responsive typography with RFS enabled by default. Our users have always had this, just ticking a box in the Customizer, as Bootstrap 4.x supports responsive typography as well – but as an opt-in feature.

Other people will love Bootstrap 5’s abandon of jQuery.
That makes a lot of sense. We already do it in picostrap, thus with Bootstrap 4, using BootstrapNative.

So, basically, using our recommended starter theme, picostrap, you can get most of the “available goodies” of Bootstrap v5 today – so don’t stress too much on using the latest.

On another side, no doubt LC will support BS5 in a few months (and continue supporting BS4 as well).

There’s a bright future out there for Bootstrap lovers!