Introducing LiveCanvas 1.1

Introducing LiveCanvas 1.1

A hot update for the LiveCanvas WordPress plugin is out, enhancing performance and stability - and introducing some killer features.

One-click export to self-contained HTML file

You can now instantly export in one click the whole page you're working on with LiveCanvas into a static HTML file - fully self-contained - which is created on the fly using the ultra-clean Bootstrap starter template.

This will have just the LiveCanvas-handled page content - without the WordPress header and footer - in a no-hassle, upload-where-you-want, WordPress independent file.

A lot of use cases can be imagined for this feature - for example,  building a quick landing page or a coming soon page to put up on a domain - which at this point would not even need to run WordPress, so no PHP and MySQL necessary. And bomb-proof security.

Or in another scenario, you might have a WordPress local install on your computer, use LiveCanvas to make a HTML prototype of your project, and send via email the static file to a developer - or to a client so he can see  how that page would look - without having  to log-in somewhere.

Go to Options... > Download as HTML to give it a try!

Native Image Lazy Loading

Images are generally the heaviest part of a website, and can really make a big difference in the total weight of a web page - much more than the chosen CSS framework or other "geek-oriented" optimisations.

Google Chrome has implemented this new attribute for images, loading="lazy" which quite interesting. It can allow lazy loading without any added javascript.

It works on Chrome only as of now - but it it's already in LiveCanvas -  just click an image and explore the "LOADING" selection.

The code editor gets autocomplete

...and a design revamp

The HTML code editor in LiveCanvas has been tweaked a bit - it's now more functional than ever - and looks a bit better, for your HTML editing pleasure.

  • The black bar can now be dragged to resize the code editor
  • Autocomplete feature has been added
  • New cobalt default theme
  • Code editor gets translucent only after mouse-leave
  • Editor preferences (Editor theme / font size) are now saved in browser
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent code editor auto-closing to work after a saving, when clicking outside the editor.

Some more small tweaks have been done to the interface:

  • A clearer saving message is shown upon saving
  • CSS textarea and HTML attributes fields in the side panels gets a little styling
  • Bugfix: IMGIX effects are now correctly shown only on UnSplash images.