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November 5, 2020

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We are actually at the third iteration of our theme, and it's lighter and faster than ever!

If you were used to CustomStrap, you'll immediately feel at home with it.

Why did we end up rewriting a theme for scratch? Well times have changed; time to drop jQuery and embrace vanilla JS. Time to drop also FontAwesome and other icon fonts.

Today we recommend using picostrap on new projects.

Main differences vs CustomStrap

One big difference is that picostrap is a stand-alone theme, allowing the use of child themes. A starter child theme example is provided as well.

Header template is very similar, other templates differ radically - but of course you won't notice that when running LiveCanvas.

It's updated to Bootstrap 4.5.3 - so you have the very latest stable Bootstrap; compared to our former theme, CustomStrap, it drops icon fonts and also jQuery, by using by default a more lightweight version of the Boostrap javascripts:  BootstrapNative - which is written in Vanilla JS.

It's CSS is just pure bootstrap: no extras are provided (CustomStrap added style for Contact Form Seven and for WooCommerce) except some small utilities (like these responsive sizing utility classes).

A new SASS Livereload functionality has been added. This means that when you edit and save a file in the child theme's /sass folder, if you're logged as administrator, the page will automatically reload and pick up the changes.

Picostrap is barebones and easy to extend - and it's a powerful tool that allows maximum freedom to the developers and designers. A starter child theme is available too.

Check out picostrap's own microsite and the demo. Try it out on your next new site.

You can customize everything, and even choose to get disable Bootstrap and load another framework of your choice.  We hope to help bring SASS to the masses!

Should I try it in place of CustomStrap?

If you already have a site running successfully CustomStrap - you don't need to jump to picostrap.

But if you want, you can test it out easily as it's just another theme to activate, you can have a ride and see how things go - just consider that the FontAwesome icon font is not there anymore.

Using picostrap in place of CustomStrap  might not really make a huge performance difference if you're using extra plugins using jQuery, like most WordPress plugins do - because you'll be having jQuery anyway in your page head - so it makes sense on very terse / new projects where you care for extreme performance.

The Lightbox optional feature has been removed. Does not explicitly support WooCommerce yet. Most other things are similar, and the folder structure is much easier, really stripped to the bone.

Easy to understand, easy to make your own masterpiece in the child theme.

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