Livecanvas 2.2: Loads of new Readymade Sections for igniting your designs



December 8, 2021

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Version 2.2 of LiveCanvas brings a number of enhancements and bugfixes, but the most notable is the addition of loads of new readymade sections: high-quality Bootstrap 5 code snippets to quickly bootstrap your projects.



As you know these are just HTML code snippets that you can instantly combine, remix, dismantle and rebuild - and, most importantly, have fun with, inside LiveCanvas: having something both flexible and solid to start with is extremely useful when crafting the responsive Web.

We strive for achieving good responsiveness with minimal code, trying to make great use of the  Bootstrap  classes.
Simple, linear code that's a pleasure to work on.

The following directories have been enriched:

  • FAQ
  • Contact
  • Hero
  • Content
  • Gallery
  • Pricing Tables

You can check them out on our sections page.

Or just update your plugin and experience these new readymade sections inside LiveCanvas.