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Adding animations with the AOS library

As you may already know, the LiveCanvas plugin adds no CSS or JS to your site, no external libraries to your site – no additional weight – nada. Unless you specifically ask for it, of course. In the settings panel (wp-admin / LiveCanvas / LiveCanvas) there is an “Optional extras” section where you can choose […]

CustomStrap 2.4 is here: hot SASS recompile

This update brings a couple features which are really useful for everyone who likes to mingle with CSS / SASS code – enabling a much easier workflow when adding your own style. If you don’t know anything about SASS/SCSS and just talk plain CSS, read on – it might be the good moment to get […]

LiveCanvas 1.3: Readymade sections galore!

Building nice web pages just got much easier. In this release LiveCanvas gets a massive overhaul in the readymade sections department. More than fourty pure Bootstrap 4 – based, “lean” coded, useful readymades are there – now organized in a number of categories to ease browsing: Hero Content Features Gallery CTA Team Pricing Testimonials As […]

Can I put PHP code inside LiveCanvas?

No PHP code is allowed directly into LiveCanvas pages, but you can insert ordinary WordPress shortcodes – and there’s a nice helper to make the process smoother and “live”. This way you can have dynamic elements inside  LiveCanvas pages – which to begin with are mostly a chunk of static HTML (albeit they can contain […]

How to remove header and footer from a LiveCanvas page

Some times it’s useful to have a special page in your site which just works better without the header and footer – just the content at full display. To achieve this, just go the WordPress page editing screen and select the template: Blank Page Template. This way you can create immersive landing pages, informational pages, […]

LiveCanvas 1.24 is out: Post Loops

Besides this being mainly a maintenance release, fixing some minor bugs, version 1.24 brings a new feature to the party: POST LOOPS. A new UI has been crafted to allow simple and complete control over post looping, and it’s output has been revised to show your posts as Bootstrap Cards. This way you can achieve […]

CustomStrap 2.3 is out

A minor update for CustomStrap is here, bringing a couple fixes and a new opt-in feature: optional HTML single post sharing buttons. No bloat, optional, full HTML-based sharing buttons to share your single posts on Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram and Twitter. No JavaScript added. To enable these buttons, just tick the Enable Sharing Buttons checkbox in […]

Which Themes should I use with LiveCanvas?

Many page builders can run out of the box on any given WordPress Theme. From a technical point of view, this is very easy to achieve – as simply the page builder plugin will typically load it’s CSS library ON TOP of your Theme’s CSS – another source of bloat, duplication, disorder, and poor performance. […]

Why LiveCanvas: our Manifesto

Let’s face it: building high quality web pages is not easy as drinking a glass of water. While there’s not one single “one-fits-all” approach to page creation on the web, LiveCanvas is HTML5, WordPress and Bootstrap…like you never experienced before.

How to setup LiveCanvas

You’ve just installed WordPress and you want to experience LiveCanvas at it’s best. Here’s the recommended path to get started in a minute. Step One: install the CustomStrap Theme First of all, download the CustomStrap theme. You can get the .zip archive from the Members area. Inside your WordPress administration panel, go to Appearance > […]

Hello, I’m LiveCanvas 1.2

This update brings quite a bit of good news, introducing new features to save your time and some nice enhancements and bugfixes. One of the most notable additions, is that the  code editor gets a HTML/CSS tab to enable you easily add some CSS styling too to your HTML. This is handled using the WordPress […]

The LiveCanvas HTML structure

LiveCanvas builds  an HTML code structure based upon some simple rules – it mostly adheres to HTML best practices and Bootstrap 4 with a few additions. First of all, the web page has a single <main> element, where all the page content (minus header and footer) resides. Anatomy of a LiveCanvas page Here’s what the […]

Introducing LiveCanvas 1.1

A hot update for the LiveCanvas WordPress plugin is out, enhancing performance and stability – and introducing some killer features. One-click export to self-contained HTML file You can now instantly export in one click the whole page you’re working on with LiveCanvas into a static HTML file – fully self-contained – which is created on […]

Developer interview: André Wunsch

André Wunsch is a really talented web designer from Berlin, Germany that works both  as a freelance and with agencies, to serve clients in Germany, Austria, Switzerland. He is a web designer, but also a web developer and SEO: so he knows how to build websites that are not only pleasing to the eye – […]

Creating editable regions

Defining simple, plaintext regions You can delimitate editable areas, allowed to contain plain text only, adding the editable=”inline” attribute to any HTML tag. Some HTML examples: While the LiveCanvas editor is launched, clicking these elements will turn them into contenteditable items. You will be able to easily replace their content pasting text or writing. On […]