Hello, I’m LiveCanvas 1.2



November 5, 2019

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This update brings quite a bit of good news, introducing new features to save your time and some nice enhancements and bugfixes.

One of the most notable additions, is that the  code editor gets a HTML/CSS tab to enable you easily add some CSS styling too to your HTML.

This is handled using the WordPress customizer API, for a number of reasons. One above all, if you shall ever disable the LiveCanvas plugin, your styles will stick nevertheless.

As you know, we hate customer lock-in.

Another quite special feature regards color palettes. Instead of old-school drop down menus, we have now a new color chooser  - which auto-populate with the specific Bootstrap variable values you have in your theme. So you know which kind of blue you're using for primary - and can apply it in one click.

This feature couples greatly with CustomStrap 2.0 - our recommended Theme to run LiveCanvas on - which now includes a SASS compiler inside the Customizer. So you can change the Bootstrap colors to match your own color palette - and instantly build your own CSS bundle. All automatic!

Another small enhancement in LiveCanvas 1.2 is that it runs decently on Firefox and Safari. It will still recommend you to use Chrome for a better experience, but it is workable.

A new plugin admin page has been introduced, with two important options:

  • Animate on scroll: an opt-in checkbox will add the necessary JS and CSS to the footer. Animations don't require the extra plugin anymore.
  • Dynamic footer: now you can design your site footer inside LiveCanvas. In your homepage, add a final section and assign it the ID global-footer - then tick the box in the settings page. That section will now be appended to all site pages.

Another new addition is the ability to enable LiveCanvas not only on WordPress pages and posts, but on custom post types as well. This can be achieved in the usual way, just using the radio button on the right side of the editing screen.

Some more enhancements and bugfixes:

  • The LiveCanvas editor can now be used to craft custom sections and blocks
  • Logged out sessions redirect to login AND open the editor
  • More clear saving message, a loader has been added while saving takes place
  • Failed saves put content into clipboard as a kindness, and show a more clear modal
  • New Page function calls a wp-admin url for better stability on peculiar hosts
  • Added Horizontal & Vertical alignment
  • Padding can now be assigned on a single basis on the various directions