LiveCanvas 1.3: Readymade sections galore!



January 17, 2020

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Building nice web pages just got much easier.

In this release LiveCanvas gets a massive overhaul in the readymade sections department.

More than fourty pure Bootstrap 4 - based, "lean" coded, useful readymades are there - now organized in a number of categories to ease browsing:

  • Hero
  • Content
  • Features
  • Gallery
  • CTA
  • Team
  • Pricing
  • Testimonials

As you might now, in LiveCanvas readymade sections are just bits of plain HTML code, taking full advantage of Bootstrap classes.

These sections have been quality crafted by our design team keeping in mind the goal of having an useful, re-usable, easily tweakable toolset, keeping zero-tolerance for bloat.

The user interface for browsing readymade sections has been refined as well, adding better previews and the ability to insert the section in two flavours, light and dark.

On another other side, LiveCanvas 1.3 adds a couple minor enhancements too:

  • the Global CSS code is now exported to the Download as HTML feature
  • HTML is beautified upon saving, so when viewing source on the public site, it looks cleaner