LiveCanvas 3.10



April 9, 2024

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We're pleased to announce the release of LiveCanvas 3.10.0, a significant update designed to enhance the capabilities and efficiency of your web development process. This latest version introduces a landmark feature: comprehensive support for external UI kits, including the innovative NinjaBootstrap UI kit.

This enhancement is a step forward in our commitment to providing developers and designers with the tools they need to create responsive, dynamic websites with greater flexibility and creativity. Join us as we explore the key updates in LiveCanvas 3.10 and how they can transform your web development workflow.

Full changelog:

  • Update the “edit properties” panels to support Bootstrap 5.3 if available (declared by the Theme via lc_get_bootstrap_version)
  • Sections library total refactoring to allow for different UI kits
  • NinjaBootstrap UI kit integration
  • Create your custom UI kits: Child themes can now feed the Sections library via static html files organised in Folders
  • Added the lc_section_types taxonomy to sections.
  • Added user bio section to dynamic single post template + enhanced lc_the_author shortcode to apply filters
  • Forms API changes: The form feedback element is now allowed in form parent too
  • New Blocks: Simple Login and Registration form, in "WordPress Integration"
  • Our get_posts tool / shortcode can now recall a theme partial php file as view: get_posts_theme_loop_view
  • New Block to recall theme partials - enhanced shortcode: lc_get_template_part
  • Enable custom fields on lc_partials, enabling handling of multiple headers/footers
  • Add a date format attribute in the get_posts shortcode
  • New Blocks: Generic Iframe, Button with Icon
  • White-labeling minor fixes on link label for new LC page
  • More granular icon size control
  • Optionally allow for editor theme config files in the theme /child theme folder


Some Highlights

We'll be describing more in detail the new features, as some of them most definitely need some documentation - but in the meantime, here's a sneek peeek of what's in the package:

The new Properties panel

More utility classes based on our NinjaBootstrap project (some of them are really hugely useful!) can be now controlled by the "Edit Properties" panels:

  • Max width (mw-);
  • Spacing, -10 to 10 both margin and padding;
  • Margin: added new utility classes (margin align start, center, end, aka ms-auto mx-auto me-auto);
  • Sizing: added new values from 0 to 100 (with 5 step) for added w- and h- ;
  • Position: added responsiveness for utility classes overflow-, top-, translate-middle...
  • Position: added new values from 0 to 100 (with 5 step) for top, end, bottom and start.


The new Sections Library

Multiple UI Kit Sources Support
The biggest difference is that now, upon choosing the"Replace section" option, you're presented a specific and explicit choice, where you can decide from which "data source" should LiveCanvas pick Readymade Sections.

Here is how it looks like:


Developers will love to learn that Child themes can feed the Sections library via static html files, organized in subfolders as well. Subfolder names map to the categorization of Sections.

Similarly, also database - driven, locally stored "Saved Sections" have now a "Section Types" custom taxonomy so you can organize your custom Sections more effectively.



User Bio section in Dynamic Templating Single Post Starter content

New Block: iFrame embed

New WordPress Integration blocks > Login, Registration, Load Theme Partial File

SVG icons: more precise and granular sizing control

New Block: Button with Icon

We should dig a bit and document each one of those - but we wanted to release the package and test it in the wild - it should make many developers smile hopefully.

In summary, LiveCanvas 3.10 introduces a series of significant enhancements designed to refine and enrich the web development experience. With the addition of support for external UI kits, an expanded selection of blocks, and increased support for the newest Bootstrap 5.3 utility classes, this version facilitates the creation of distinctive, high-quality websites with ease. The enhancements, especially regarding the Sections library,  are geared towards maximizing creativity and productivity in your projects.

We are excited to see the innovative and diverse websites you will create with these new tools. Your experience and feedback are crucial to the continuous improvement of LiveCanvas. We encourage you to explore the features of LiveCanvas 3.10 and share your thoughts with us on our Discord channel. This direct line of communication is invaluable as we strive to further enhance our platform to meet your needs. Together, let's continue to redefine the possibilities of web design and development.

Thank you for your support!

Happy Upgrading