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LiveCanvas 1.5 and CustomStrap 2.6. Introducing custom headers and style packages



June 12, 2020

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We have been silent for a while in these difficult times, but here is some great news. Powerful upgrades are available for CustomStrap and LiveCanvas. Let's dive into it!

Custom Header

Finally you can now use the LiveCanvas editor  to design your site's header too.

[You'll need to update both the Plugin and the Theme to be able to do this]

Basically, it looks and behaves exactly like the footer handling we've recently introduced : it's really easy to get started.

A smart default is provided so you can start hacking away.

More Customizer powers

CustomStrap's Customizer panel has been enriched with tons of settings, to help you control the aspect of your Bootstrap build in a granular way.



There are three brand new Customizer panelsTypography,  Components,  Buttons & Forms.

Now exposing most of the significant BS4 SCSS variables in a visual interface, customizing your BootStrap CSS is so much easier.

Style Packages for CustomStrap: a new taste of BootStrap in your pipeline

mdb-bootstrap-wordpress-templateFrom version 2.6, CustomStrap supports extra style package plugins, in a "plug and play" fashion.

This means that you can integrate other custom SCSS packages in a simple way:

just enabling some new micro WordPress plugins,

which do nothing but expose the SCSS files to CustomStrap's built-in SCSS compiler.

Today we're releasing the first one which brings MDB: Material Design for BootStrap (link) to our ecosystem.

Have a look at our demo page.

Plugin will be available in the members area.


Responsive Font Sizing utility classes

Responsive typography is one of the hottest topics of the Web.

CustomStrap allows you to enable the RFS (Responsive Font Sizes) module of Bootstrap 4 via a simple checkbox in the Customizer (Typography section) - so your site text and headings will adjust their size dynamically upon screen width size following a precise logic.

This is a fantastic thing for your deign - but today we have something more.




We've added to CustomStrap some new helper classes you can use anywhere in your site's HTML code to control responsive font sizing.

Fifty values are available, from


all the way up to


You can see them in action on this demo page.

If you want to use them in your site, you will need to use CustomStrap 2.6 and enable from the Customizer (in the Typography section) the

A new reengineered font picking process



A totally reimagined Font Picker experience showing both system and Google Fonts, categorized and easily searchable.

"Back to Top"

A purely opt-in feature to add the common arrow to scroll the page has been added to Customizer, with a super lean implementation in Vanilla JS

Various fixes and "under the hood" improvements

These are the just the most notable highlights. Here is the full changelog for the plugin and the theme!