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hard truth

Let's face it.

Building high quality web pages is not easy as drinking a glass of water.

Why LiveCanvas?

Whether you are a junior webmaster or a seasoned full-stack dev dealing with WordPress, you've surely heard these lines:

  1. Custom coding by hand your themes assures maximum power, flexibility and optimization if you're a pro developer, but can be a slow and painful process.
  2. As a quicker alternative, using page builders makes it faster but has its drawbacks. They usually spit a mixed soup of DIVs which of course is sub-optimal in terms of SEO, speed, and code maintainability. Lots of black boxes here, and no easy way out.
  3. On another side WordPress, if used with the wrong themes and plugins, can turn from being a good friend into a dog-slow nightmare. The much-abused "piling plugins on plugins" approach to web design results in a unmaintainable, poor performance website.

Unfortunately, most people will agree: there's quite a lot of truth in these sentences.

So, here is our challenge:

Can we still develop fast, powerful websites using a mixed approach, bringing the best of both worlds?

Let's try to focus on this question and propose a solution.

The Problem

There's no perfect, "one-fits-all" approach to page creation on the web

Page Builders suck.

They bring to the table their own dose of:

  • Customer lock-in: once a page is built, you're tied to the plugin.
  • Inferior performance - with a "one fits all", bloated approach.
  • Lack of freedom: They force your HTML code to be in a certain way.

....yet the opposite approach is still not the best....

Custom coding sucks too.

Especially if you're a one-man band.

  • Requires you to be an always careful,
    top-skilled developer.
  • it's a slow, error-prone process.
  • Makes you focus more on the tool and
    less on the message that you need to deliver.

Our Solution 

HTML5, WordPress and you never experienced before

LiveCanvas: a Pure HTML page builder.

LiveCanvas is a creative powerhouse, which allows you to quickly craft and refine HTML code - using readymade, pure Bootstrap 4-based blocks. 

You can also define and reuse your own custom HTML blocks too - using some unique HTML5 attributes to make text areas editable. 

It comes as a convenient, zero configuration WordPress plugin, with a minimal footprint. It's less than 150k gzipped!

But an editor is not enough. You need a complete, stable foundation for your next successful Web project.

A top performing stack

High performance

The LiveCanvas plugin is optimized to work with CustomStrap: a no-compromise, top performing, solid, open-source barebones Theme.  
CustomStrap is a lean child theme of UnderStrap, the most starred Bootstrap 4 based WordPress starter theme on GitHub.

A rock solid foundation, easy to hack and extend.

Using this combination you'll get a speed that feels like you've installed that caching plugin - but you haven't. 

[By the way, LiveCanvas can easily work with any other BootStrap 4, standards compliant Wp Theme, but for best results and performance guarantee, we really recommend CustomStrap  or  UnderStrap is supported at the moment]

Optionally, let's be static.

Static sites are having a huge comeback. LiveCanvas allows you to optionally explore this world, keeping things easy (no command line involved).

fast loading

Top Ten reasons to love LiveCanvas

  1. You're always in control of what happens 
  2. It allows you to steal HTML stuff from CodePen or any tutorial, and try it into your page.
  3. Easy to get started
  4. Creates FAST web pages
  5. You can always view and refine the HTML code, of the whole page, or of single elements
  6. Preview on all responsive breakpoints while working
  7. Automatic code indent
  8. Automatic fixing of broken DIVs / elements when editing blocks
  9. Uses WordPress as a backend, leveraging the standard revisions history for maximum safety
  10. No vendor lock-in: keep things inside WordPress, or publish static HTML via FTP, or grab the code and do whatever you want