Public Roadmap

Welcome to the LiveCanvas Public Roadmap! We are excited to share with our valued users and potential customers the upcoming features and enhancements planned for LiveCanvas. Our roadmap is a dynamic document that reflects our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation.


AI Integration

AI - based,  meaningful assistance to help with coding or refining parts of the page


Live demo or Trial. To be defined.

Cloud Library

A coding playground where you can share your code snippets between your Projects.

Community Events

Start regular live events to feed our Discord community with useful content and Q&A sessions


Variable Fonts in picostrap

Allow to use a GDPR complaint, faster loading font solution.

Recommended Workflow Timeline

A visive path to help users make the most out of the LiveCanvas and picostrap ecosystem

Universal Selection

A mode to allow selection of any element of the page

AI - Based Image Generation

DALL-E based image generation

Undo / Redo

Simple icons in the main toolbar to travel through document session history easily.

Custom GPT

An AI Code Assistant specific for LiveCanvas. Try it.


MDB Bootstrap Child Theme

A child theme for Picostrap implementing Material Design Bootstrap. Download the child theme on GitHub:

Color Shades UI

New widgets to use the original project color variables, or a palette of derived lighter and darker color shades. 

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Tree View Window

A navigation tree panel that offers quick access to every element in the editor, and allows powerful interaction.

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NinjaBootstrap UI integration

Allow fruition of remote UI kits to have more HTML libraries available directly inside the editor.

Discover NinjaBootstrap UI

Add Ninja Bootstrap Utility Classes to GUI

Enrich the "Edit Properties" panel with the new utility classes introduced by picostrap 3 / NinjaBootstrap

Login / Register Blocks 

For easy integration. Review our forms architecture

Code Editor: Classes Autocomplete 

Automatically sense the CSS classes defined in your stylesheet (/s) and propose them in the code editor

Post Locking

Post locking feature to prevent user overlap while editing pages.

Post Order Widget

A shortcode for the dynamic templating to display a "sort by" selection.