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Ultra lean code

The Most Stable and Secure Page Builder for WordPress

LiveCanvas offers the stability and security you need, thanks to its ultra-lean architecture, based on open-standards.

Build your websites on a solid foundation.

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No vendor lock-in

Design your Sites without Boundaries

Traditional page builders save your page designs in your database as JSON data, each in his own proprietary way. So, when a visitor hits your page, the design is “reassembled” putting together bits and bobs of data together, executing multiple queries and doing some PHP work behind the scenes.

On another side, LiveCanvas saves your custom pages directly storing HTML code in the database. There is no vendor lock-in at all.

This brings also many other positive implications in terms of speed, security, and freedom.

Key Benefits of Using LiveCanvas

This peculiar architecture allows you to enjoy some unique benefits:


Serving the page is a quicker and lighter process for your server. To serve a LiveCanvas page, just a single query is needed. Exactly like for an ordinary WordPress page, built with no page builders.


There is much less code running while a page is served: more security by design. There isn't more secure code code running.

Loose Coupling

If you turn off your ordinary WordPress page builder, the whole site won’t display at all. If you turn off LiveCanvas, the site will still be there.


You can export your LiveCanvas pages into independent .html files that can run without WordPress, directly from the LiveCanvas editing interface.

Optimized Code

LiveCanvas generates fast and clean, Bootstrap 5-compliant HTML code - but in case you want to optimize things further, you will appreciate the fact that you are in complete control of the code. You can change and refine the generated HTML markup as you wish, with a live code editor.

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Focus on Security

Don't let your site be slowed down by a thousand plugins

Everyone knows that the more plugins you add to a WordPress site, the slower it gets...but also less secure: adding new plugins, you are "inheriting" the potential vulnerabilities of each one of them.

LiveCanvas is a professional page builder that allows you to use less extra plugins. It is built on open standards like HTML5 and Bootstrap and it’s the only page builder allowing you to directly “touch” and refine HTML code.

And of course, easily add your own JS, CSS or SASS.

This means that if you have basic coding skills you can often extend your feature set via simple HTML / CSS / JS code snippets, reducing your need to reach for additional WordPress plugins.

Build Fast and Secure WordPress Sites

When it comes to WordPress plugins, less is more. Discover why:

Less potential for vulnerabilities

Every plugin you install on your WordPress site creates a new potential entry point for attackers to exploit. Every plugin code adds more complexity to your site, which can make it harder to keep secure.
Plugins can also have vulnerabilities that can leave your site open to attacks. Having fewer plugins means fewer potential vulnerabilities and a smaller attack surface for attackers to exploit. 

More control over security

With fewer plugins installed, it’s easier for you to keep track of updates, check the code, and test the compatibility of your website. This can make it easier to maintain your website’s security. 
Additionally, you should choose plugins that are known to be secure or trustworthy, which helps you to reduce the risks of installing malicious or poorly written plugins. 

Better website performance

Installing too many plugins can add extra scripts, stylesheets, and database tables to your website, which can slow down your site performance. When you have fewer plugins installed, it can help to enhance your web page speed, which is important for both user experience and search engine ranking. 

Easier to troubleshoot

When a problem arises on your website, and you have several plugins installed, it can be difficult to identify which plugin might be the cause. Having fewer plugins equals to having fewer issues and less complexity to troubleshoot any potential problem. Overall, while plugins can provide functionality to your WordPress site, it is essential to evaluate the benefits and risks of individual plugins. When used correctly, and with minimal usage, the right plugins can enhance your site's functionality and help you meet your business goals, without sacrificing its security. 

Hear the words of our customers


Kemal Esensoy

Kemal Esensoy

Web Designer @, Germany.

"I thought oxygen builder would be the best choice to swap with custom theme development. Man I was wrong! The work you guys put in the product worth much more than that lifetime license price"

Tim Bowerbank

Tim Bowerbank

App Developer at Pendigital Limited UK

"LiveCanvas has made me explore WordPress again... 

I left WordPress a few years back for static site generators, looking for performance and accessibility enhancements."

André Wunsch

André Wunsch

Web Designer, Berlin - Germany.

"Before I worked with LiveCanvas, I tried various PageBuilders. There were also some good ones, but I thought they were always a bit inflexible and a bit overloaded... "


Gail Kingswell Trueman

Gail Kingswell Trueman

Digital Marketing and Web Design Consultant at 1LG Digital GB

" was a redesign of an old html site that did not rank in the first 100 SERP listings for the term chelsea electricians. They started to climb up the SERPS almost immediately - hovering around page 3 - 4 for a week or so. They now rank at #9 on page 1."

Michael Weckerlin

Michael Weckerlin 

SEO Consultant at Mister Seo

I just relaunched my website with Livecanvas and I am overwhelmed by the results regarding performance. As a SEO consultant it is important for me and my clients to implement websites with great core web vitals results. Before the relaunch my website was running based on the the DIVI theme...

I was trying to optimize the performance for years but never got better results than Pagespeed 50. Now the website reaches PageSpeed 100 (desktop) and 90 (mobile). CLS is 0. That is terrific."

Lee Kancher illustration

Lee Kancher

Web Developer at Right Brain Group LLC

"Best page builder on the market by far!

Give yourself the freedom of controlling your code and offering Page content control for your clients."