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from version 3.5.0

WooCommerce Templating

LiveCanvas now comes with full WooCommerce support.
Building a great-looking e-commerce site just got so much easier, while keeping control of markup and minimizing bloat. 

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Master WooCommerce

Discover the power of seamless WooCommerce templating, designed to simplify the customization process and elevate your online store's appearance. Take advantage of fine-grained control over traditionally challenging elements and create a visually stunning and user-friendly eCommerce platform.


Build your shop,
exactly like you want

Unleash Your Creativity with  livecanvas, with no added weight!

WooCommerce Assign to template WooCommerce Specific Assign template


Take Control over all WooCommerce Templates

LiveCanvas supports out of the box all the WooCommerce template cases, so you can customize with extreme precision each aspect of your store.

Single product pages, archives, cart....Customizing your ecommerce pages has never been so easy and powerful.
You can even target single products of a specific category to personalize your store at the fullest.


Single Product

For each template, a readymade starter template is ready for you, to be customized and tweaked, just editing HTML and some simple shortcodes.

Here is the starter template for the product page.

You have all the dynamic elements you need to show your product data, with a "Bootstrap-first" approach, including the product image carousel.

I will no longer say that "it is impossible to get a 90+ rating on Google Page Speed insights."

Jack Cao - Head of Product Education at Rank Math SEO

Blogger | Copywriter | YouTuber

Product Archives

In a similar way, you can build attractive archive pages, for displaying your product categories or other taxonomies

You have full control both on the global template, and on the product loop.

You have total flexibility and freedom, as you're used to with LiveCanvas.


Shop Page

Customizing the WooCommerce shop page has never been a walk in the park.
Tweaking the product results loop is much easier with LiveCanvas.

A live preview is always guiding your customization process.



Dynamic templating elements are available as blocks, within the editor interface.

Product Title
Product Price
Product Short Description
Product Description
Product Category
Product Category URL
Product Categories
On Sale Badge
Product Rating
Product Rating Template


Product ID


Product SKU
Product Permalink
Product Dimensions
Related Products
Product Carousel
WC Notices
Add To Cart Form
Description Tab
Additional Information Tab
Reviews Tab
Loop: Add To Cart
Loop: Order by
Loop: Number of Results
WooCommerce Filters Sidebar for Shop page only
Product Data

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Kemal Esensoy

Kemal Esensoy

Web Designer @, Germany.

"I thought oxygen builder would be the best choice to swap with custom theme development. Man I was wrong! The work you guys put in the product worth much more than that lifetime license price"

Tim Bowerbank

Tim Bowerbank

App Developer at Pendigital Limited UK

"LiveCanvas has made me explore WordPress again... 

I left WordPress a few years back for static site generators, looking for performance and accessibility enhancements."

André Wunsch

André Wunsch

Web Designer, Berlin - Germany.

"Before I worked with LiveCanvas, I tried various PageBuilders. There were also some good ones, but I thought they were always a bit inflexible and a bit overloaded... "


Gail Kingswell Trueman

Gail Kingswell Trueman

Digital Marketing and Web Design Consultant at 1LG Digital GB

" was a redesign of an old html site that did not rank in the first 100 SERP listings for the term chelsea electricians. They started to climb up the SERPS almost immediately - hovering around page 3 - 4 for a week or so. They now rank at #9 on page 1."

Michael Weckerlin

Michael Weckerlin 

SEO Consultant at Mister Seo

I just relaunched my website with Livecanvas and I am overwhelmed by the results regarding performance. As a SEO consultant it is important for me and my clients to implement websites with great core web vitals results. Before the relaunch my website was running based on the the DIVI theme...

I was trying to optimize the performance for years but never got better results than Pagespeed 50. Now the website reaches PageSpeed 100 (desktop) and 90 (mobile). CLS is 0. That is terrific."

Lee Kancher illustration

Lee Kancher

Web Developer at Right Brain Group LLC

"Best page builder on the market by far!

Give yourself the freedom of controlling your code and offering Page content control for your clients."